Free Webinar: How will AI impact RevOps





Join Myko's Co-founder and CEO, Trevor Lee, along with a panel of Revenue Operations (RevOps) experts as they delve into “How will AI impact RevOps”. Don't miss this chance to learn how AI can be integrated and leveraged in RevOps to boost efficiency, innovation, and growth. Ideal for RevOps professionals at any level, this panel will offer practical insights into elevating your strategies with AI. Join us to hear from industry experts on making AI work for your operations.

The panel will discuss:

- How should we be thinking about AI and will it replace jobs?

- How should we be leveraging AI to redefine business strategies?

- How should we incorporate AI into our ops strategy and execution?

Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2024
Time: Noon-1PM EST
This session has ended: Watch the recording on YouTube

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