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How do you connect to Salesforce?

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Myko connects directly to your salesforce instance through the API. The product connects to all of your data including custom objects and custom columns

How does permissioning work?

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Permissions to data are mirrored from the underlying system. So with Myko you can only ask questions about or see data you already have permission to see.

Are you a GPT Wrapper?

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Nope! We have built our own proprietary model that we use in conjuction with public LLMs such as Open AI. This model was built specifically for data analytics and provides improved performance and reduced hallucinations.

What is the onboarding process?

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Myko uses AI to enhance onboarding by keeping it as simple as possible for customers. Once connected to your data source such as Salesforce, Myko automatically creates a semantic layer and fine-tuned model for your business. Once its ready we invite you to begin testing it out!.

What data is shared with Open AI?

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The only data shared with Open AI is meta-data around the questions that are asked. Myko has created its own proprietary code evaluation tool that handles all customer data ensuring there is no risk of data leakage to public models.

Is my data secure?

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Myko is Soc 2 compliant and stores all data in encrypted storage at rest. Security is our top priority and customer data is never shared with public AI models

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