At Myko we believe accessing data should be streamlined and intuitive, enabling individuals and organizations to effortlessly retrieve, analyze, and leverage information to drive decision-making and innovation. By removing barriers and simplifying the process, we empower users to unlock the full potential of data, fostering a culture of transparency, efficiency, and informed action that benefits society as a whole.
Sincerely, the Myko team
Trevor Lee
Co-founder and CEO
Trevor is the co-founder and CEO of Myko. Trevor and Zheng worked together previously on a Machine Learning Startup - Smart Highlights. Prior to that he worked at startups including Bungalow and OMNY in various business development and operational roles. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School and BBA from University of Miami.

Zheng Li
Co-founder and CTO
Zheng is the co-founder and CTO of Myko. Zheng built Smart Highlights, a Machine Learning platform for sports highlights. He was a tech lead at Helm.ai and formerly worked at Bitfusion and Nvidia. Zheng has an MBA from Columbia Business School, a Masters in Computer Science from UT Austin and a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn.