Increase your sales team velocity

Discover instant insights with our conversational AI. Understand the data between your dashboards.

Smart Definitions

Imagine an AI that remembers and adapts to your specific needs. Our cutting-edge "Smart Definitions" feature lets you add your own terms and definitions, transforming a standard AI into a personalized co-pilot.

Accurate insights

With Myko's contextual memory, it quickly remembers the terms and concepts important to you and evolves as a trusted co-pilot that enhances assistance with precision and continuously improves its understanding and suggestions with each new question you ask.

Myko Verified

AI shouldn’t feel like a black box. Trust your answers by verifying their sources.

Understand how our model analyzed the data using our "Verify Results" feature, which provides explanations both in natural language and through an advanced code view.

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Products and extensions

Chat with Myko using our web app, directly through your browser with our Chrome Extension, or within your favorite tools like Slack and Salesforce.

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Have Myko side-by-side with your CRM

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Use Myko AI Chat directly in Salesforce

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Use Myko AI Chat directly in Slack

Solutions by department

Company-wide pipeline clarity powered by AI

Sales Leaders

Set your team up with the data they need to succeed and build a data driven culture from the top down.

Sales Managers

Understand what's driving your pipeline. Real-time data about team performance, deals, and goal tracking.

Revenue Operations

Increase the velocity of your sales teams by defining all your metrics only one time to standardize terminology.

AI onboarding

All of your onboarding with Myko is powered by advanced AI, ensuring a seamless and efficient start. Our AI-driven process customizes your setup experience to match your specific needs and preferences without complexity.

Myko simplifies the AI adoption process with user-friendly onboarding, customized support, and turnkey AI solutions.

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Smart Definitions

Imagine an AI that remembers and adapts to your specific needs. Our cutting-edge feature lets you add your own terms and definitions, transforming a standard AI into a personalized co-pilot.

Ask questions as if you’re talking to an analyst

With data at your fingertips, there's no need to wait for someone to respond. Thanks to conversational AI, anyone can perform in-depth analysis just by asking questions.

Recommended follow up questions

Myko remembers details during a chat session, allowing for a cohesive and personalized conversation flow. It also suggests relevant follow-up questions, helping you explore topics in greater depth.

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Personalize your conversations

Customize your chat experience by selecting specific columns of information to view during the session. This tailored approach ensures that you have immediate access to the most relevant data, enhancing your decision-making process.

Inspect where the data comes from

Dig deeper into the analysis to understand where the data came from, and how the insights were discovered.

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Data security and privacy is Myko’s #1 priority.

No data leakage to public AI Models - Myko uses public LLMs only to generate code ensuring your data stays private

Customer data stays private -
Your data is not used to train underlying AI models.

Encrypted Data -
All data used by Myko is encrypted

For questions related to compliance, please email


How do you connect to Salesforce?

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Myko connects directly to your salesforce instance through the API. The product connects to all of your data including custom objects and custom columns

How does permissioning work?

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Permissions to data are mirrored from the underlying system. So with Myko you can only ask questions about or see data you already have permission to see.

What is the onboarding process?

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Myko uses AI to enhance onboarding by keeping it as simple as possible for customers. Once connected to your data source such as Salesforce, Myko automatically creates a semantic layer and fine-tuned model for your business. Once its ready we invite you to begin testing it out!.

Are you a GPT Wrapper?

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Nope! We have built our own proprietary model that we use in conjuction with public LLMs such as Open AI. This model was built specifically for data analytics and provides improved performance and reduced hallucinations.

Is my data secure?

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Myko is Soc 2 compliant and stores all data in encrypted storage at rest. Security is our top priority and customer data is never shared with public AI models

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