Making AI Actionable: Practical Solutions for Enterprise Success





Join Myko's Co-founder and CEO, Trevor Lee, and leading figures in AI as they delve into "Making AI Actionable: Practical Solutions for Enterprise Success". Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a business leader, or simply curious about AI's practical applications in enterprise settings, this roundtable is designed for you.

Let's explore how we can make AI not just a buzzword, but a core component of enterprise success. Learn how to use AI in your business to drive real results and success - no fluff, just practical strategies and solutions.

Event Details:

Learn From Real-World Examples and Experts:
- Pioneering AI leaders will share use cases of leveraging AI to solve complex business problems across operations, decision-making, customer engagement, risk mitigation and more
- Gain clear frameworks for scoping initiatives, mapping to goals, integrating data securely, measuring ROI and scaling successful proofs-of-concept

Understand Key Fundamentals and Trends:
- Explore the principles guiding panelists’ AI investments and adoption roadmaps
- Learn how to identify legitimate AI opportunities from overhyped claims
- Determine where to leverage AI vs human intelligence for optimal impact

Get a Pragmatic Playbook for Enterprise AI:
- Focus will be on concrete steps leaders can take now to make AI actionable
- Drive AI-powered transformation of products, services and operational efficiency
- Gain a realistic view of current AI versus future state to plan accordingly

Whether your business is just beginning to explore AI or is ready to accelerate existing initiatives, you’ll take away a realistic path for unleashing AI’s potential to enterprise success.

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Time: Noon-1PM EST
This session has ended: Watch the recording on YouTube

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